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2010: A Book Odyssey

aka: The 10'ers

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YA/MG novels debuting in 2010
(Note: Tenners is now closed for new members)

The 10ers (www.TheTenners.com)

Not to be confused with tenors. You don't have to be able to sing to join us. Unless you already have something prepared. =;
We are a livejournal community for authors with a debut YA or MG novel coming out in 2010. The community is set up for members to collectively brave the wild world of publishing. From edits and publicity to the real nitty gritty--coordinating book signing outfits or how to explain your lack of J.K. connections to hopeful family members, we'll hold hands together in a rainbow of words and dreams.

Some of our posts are locked for in-community discussions, but once a week we'll have a Tenner Top Ten list, Tenners Tell All, and Tenner Buzz for public viewing and we're hosting the 2009 Debutantes (aka: www.feastofawesome.com) for our Debreview interview series! We've featured authors such as Carrie Ryan (FOREST OF HANDS & TEETH) and will continue throughout the year.

In 2010, we'll have ARC give-aways, contests and more! Plus, free goodie bags, prizes and loot with our upcoming titles!

Everyone is welcome to "watch" our community and you can add as "watchers" anytime! We hope you do! Please click "watch this community" and you'll have access to all of our public posts.

Happy Reading!

-The 10'ers


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