Lindsey Leavitt (lindsey_leavitt) wrote in 10_ers,
Lindsey Leavitt

BN Bookfair code for AL disaster relief

 As part of my book signing on Saturday, the manager at BN set up a bookfair for AL diaster relief and the code can be used at ANY Barnes & Noble or online on any purchase from 5/7-5/14. Code is  #10486058 --just give it to seller, or input online.  10% of sales using this code go to the United Way's West Alabama chapter to help Tornado Relief Efforts. If we raise $2500, percentage goes up to 15%, 10,000 and it's 20%. Please repost this on your blogs, twitter, facebook, whatevs. If you're buying a book this week at BN anyway, use this code. 
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