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I Spy With My Little Eye...TENNERS!

So back from ALA Midwinter in Boston and boy are my arms tired. (No joke, I carried a ton of shiny new ARCs in a bag and my shoulders nearly fell off!) Beyond my own desires for chatting with fabulous people at the ALA TweetUp and getting to see my editor, I was on the hunt for Tenners' books!

The *best* was that I could explain what I was doing to vendors and they got it instantly.

Them: "Can I help you?"
Me: "I'm taking pictures of Tenner books."
Them: "Oh. There are a few right over here..."

WE ARE A RECOGNIZED NAME, PEOPLE! Yep, not only did vendors know "Tenners" but editors, bloggers, other authors, random strangers, etc. It was a total thrill to see how far we've come out in the real world. It is, as Kay says, an actual "brand."

So here are some of the Tenner books I found in the wilds of ALA:

HUSH HUSH was, of course, there in book form, but I loved this locker-sized poster that was printed as the inside of the jacket cover! Brilliant and covet-worthy!

Terri Hall's THE LINE was right out in front.

Three beautiful Tenners all in a row! SCONES & SENSIBILITY, BRIGHTLY WOVEN & THE RISE OF RENEGADE X.

Bree's DARK DIVINE in poster form and Kay's CINDERELLA SOCIETY in bookmark form modeled by my crit partner, Jennifer Carson, hiding behind the glory. (I also got to meet Elizabeth Law and we gushed about Bree shamelessly.)

Speaking of shameless bragging, here's Gbemi's 8TH GRADE SUPER ZERO which I must have talked to everyone about because we all love Reggie as a very "real" teen of faith. (Even her editor, who is one of my personal heroes in the biz, Cheryl Klein!)

I found Josh Berk's THE DARK DAYS OF HAMBURGER HALPIN snuggled next to my Deb mentor, Carrie Ryan's, THE FOREST OF HANDS AND TEETH.

ALL UNQUIET THINGS and its stunning cover (held by me so you can see the title)!

Of course the ARC of TORTILLA SUN was out, but I thought this *GINORMOUS* poster better captured my feeling of seeing it there.

Another trio of Tenners! DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS, MAGIC UNDER GLASS & THE MARK. Soooo pretty!

Here's Jen's THE SECRET YEAR and I accidentally hacked A LOVE STORY STARRING MY DEAD BEST FRIEND (oops!) which is a tragedy because it's *such* a good book! (I cried.) P.S. I've recently inhaled the circulating ARC of this book and need to send it onto the next Tenner on the list. Please ping me!

I laughed that THE NAUGHTY LIST was next to A MATCH MADE IN HIGH SCHOOL ...or am I the only one with a sick sense of humor?

And here's Alley of Books blogger Mitali Dave displaying ESCAPING THE TIGER and FORGET-HER-NOTS. Darn those Display Copy Only stickers! WANT!

And for those of you whom I didn't see, blame the fact that I was overwhelmed by the awesomeness that was ALA (and the slew of honor winners whom I recognized Monday morning!) or your pubs who had them tightly under wraps. It was an amazing experience and I was proud to be a Tenner!

*Update: More on my ALA experience here!
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