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Bio: Lindsay Eland

Name: Lindsay Eland

'10 Book Title: Scones and Sensibility


Favorite bit of writing advice
: People who say it cannot be done, should not interrupt those who are doing it.

Favorite part of writing: I love to revise. No wait, I ADORE revising. That's not it...Okay I'm obsessive about revision. I love to play around with my manuscript, tweak things, and hopefully make something I've written better.

Least favorite part of writing: The first draft. Yikes, it's painful for me to finish. I think it's kind of like a seventh grade dating thing. I am so excited and enthralled about a new idea that I'm crazy about getting my thoughts on paper. That lasts for maybe the first...um...twenty pages or so. After that, I'm thinking of excuses to not write or even look at it. Hmm, I wonder what they're saying on the Blueboards...I wonder if there are any deals on ebay...the carpet looks very dirty today. But I'm crazy committed so I finish it up one painful paragraph at a time. My other least favorite part is commas and apostrophes...I'm HORRIBLE with them. Most every word that ends in an "s" get's (see!) an apostrophe and my manuscripts tend to look like 150 pages of lists.

Five Things about moi:

#1: I have four wonderful kids ages: 7, 6, 5, 4. And no, I am not crazy, though I am crazy in love with them! As a stay-at-home mom of these growing munchkins, I have also turned into the Rest Time Dictator, hence the reason I am able to write more than a grocery list for the store.

#2: I think cream cheese is what heaven is made of. And honestly, I don't think any food on the planet would taste bad if you mixed a spoonful of this holy creaminess into it.

#3: I can't stand losing on ebay. Really, I hate it. I don't consider myself a competative person at all, but don't you dare try to outbid me on a Ponyville set for my daughter. I once (almost) spent 45.00 dollars on a playschool mini jeep for one of my sons...lucky for me, I lost. But HA! I wish I could've been there when the winner had to tell her husband...so I guess in a way, I did win.

#4: I've had my nose pierced for seven and half years. I forget I have it until I hold a little baby and they attempt to pick it off. Ouch! I also have only had long hair once in my life.

#5: I cry every single time I read the last line of Mo Willems picture book, Edwina, The Dinosaur Who Didn't Know She Was Extinct

#6: I hate the sound of someone eating a banana...it's revolting. But the sound of gravel under my feet is almost as heavenly as cream cheese...(but cream cheese on gravel would most likely taste amazing)

#7: I'm computer illiterate. I'm really terrible with all things like this and most likely this is going to be posted in the wrong place, so please, if I need to redo something...HELP!

Okay...just one more...can you tell I'm long-winded?

#8: I'm convinced that the world would be a happier place if we all talked with an English accent

Outline or Let it Fly?
Well, actually, I'm a fly by the seat for the first twenty pages (see above "Dislikes) and then I realize I don't have any idea what I'm doing so I outline. I love outlining, which is another way I like to procrastinate on writing the first draft. "Should I use bullets, dashes or roman numerals? Hmmm...what number does XI actually stand for?"


Alas, to speak thus of Polly's story would require much more time allotted here, but I shall make a gallant attempt. At the blossoming age of thirteen, Polly Madassa is anything but a material girl living in a material world. On the contrary, though she lives in our contemporary world, Polly is certain she was born for a more romantic time. Her heroines are the lovely Anne of Green Gables and the charming Elizabeth Bennet. So upon finishing up that glorious work of fiction Pride and Prejudice, Polly is convinced that her true calling is to bring lovers in her small beach town together...whether they like it or not. For wasn't it she who introduced the bull dog down the road to the Dalmation across the street? And what better way to bring two people together than a chocolate croissant or fresh baked scone from her family's own bakery?
She is certain that, just like Elizabeth and Anne, she will not fail...but when you're matchmaking for your sixteen-year-old sister, your best friends father, and the "plump" lady down the street, life turns out to be much more complicated than in a book.


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Nov. 18th, 2008 02:52 am (UTC)
Matchmaking, kinda like EMMA too~!

I can't believe you have FOUR kids and a book out!~ Am impressed!

My husband and son also hate the sound of banana munching--it is kinda gross I 'spose.

Welcome to the Tenners!
Nov. 18th, 2008 03:11 am (UTC)
your book sounds so cute. congrats!

i hate losing on ebay, too, and stay far, far away from it. :)
Nov. 18th, 2008 03:23 am (UTC)
Hi Lindsay!!!! *waving* So glad you found it!

Major LOL on your bio. You crack me up. I never thought about the banana-eating sound (I'm still laughing about that as I type this), so now I'm going to have to pay attention next time my dh eats one.

Welcome to the Tenners, Egmont sister! :-)
Nov. 18th, 2008 04:31 am (UTC)
Your book sounds great - congrats on being a Tenner!

(who is also long-winded, although not in this comment)

Nov. 18th, 2008 05:23 am (UTC)
Wow, I can't wait for your book! It's sounds very awesome. And I agree with you, english accents=peace and love
Nov. 18th, 2008 08:02 am (UTC)
I love the description of your book - it sounds like so much fun!
Nov. 18th, 2008 01:56 pm (UTC)
"Matchmaker, mtchmaker, make me a match...!"

Sounds like fun & can't wait to hear more. Welcome to the Tenners from a fellow luddite! :-)
Nov. 18th, 2008 07:40 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!

Yes, Heidi, a lot like Emma too, though Polly hasn't been fortunate to read that yet! And if you guys are wondering why I wrote my synopsis in that dramatic language...that's how Polly attempts to talk. I looked it over and can understand if it sounded weird...

And sorry about the typo's...I wrote all that while trying to give my kids baths, cleaning up dinner, and answering annoying phone calls from telemarketers (do they ever sleep?)

Best to everyone! And thanks for telling me about this community, Kay! You're awesome!

Here's to 2010!

Nov. 18th, 2008 08:18 pm (UTC)
Your main character sounds like so much fun. Have you read MILLICENT MIN, GIRL GENIUS? Polly reminds me of Min a little.

And four kids? I only have two and I feel terribly sorry for my writing self.
Nov. 18th, 2008 08:33 pm (UTC)
YAY, Lindsay! I'm so glad you're here :) Welcome, welcome!
Nov. 18th, 2008 10:05 pm (UTC)
Thanks Becca! Lisa Amowitz is one of my critmates (she's always bragging on you) and I hear you two are agent buds!

Nov. 18th, 2008 09:13 pm (UTC)
I love you already.
--Lindsey with an E, but we can still be friends.
Nov. 18th, 2008 10:03 pm (UTC)
Ah yes, I definitely sense in you a kindred spirit! Thanks for the welcome, Lindsey with an e
Nov. 18th, 2008 10:26 pm (UTC)
Welcome, Lindsay! I can already tell Polly is a soul mate.

Nov. 18th, 2008 10:27 pm (UTC)
Hey Lindsay!
Whoa...I had to comment. My book coming out next year involves matchmaking with coffee drinks and I have four kids too-- 6,4,2, and 5 months. It's almost like we're twins (who don't look alike). :-) Oh, and I love the first draft and hate to revise. So, not so twin-like. But the book subject and the kids thing is eerie.

Nov. 19th, 2008 08:45 pm (UTC)
Wow Kristina, that is eerie! Congrats on the kiddo's, especially the newest addition...it's an adventure, huh?!

And as to our books...Great and brilliant and wonderful minds think a like, don't they?! Your book sounds awesome and I adore the cover! Maybe we'll have to market a bit with each other...maybe start up our own matchmaking website called Sweet Java Love or something...okay, maybe not...but you know what I mean! :)

Thanks for the welcome!

Nov. 19th, 2008 06:19 am (UTC)
Sooo Funny
Your book sounds hilarious... and since I'm a big time fan of Elizabeth Bennet, I can't wait to read it... Good Luck
Nov. 19th, 2008 03:05 pm (UTC)
Welcome Lindsay -- how amazing are you accomplishing a novel with 4 little-bitties in the house?? BIG congrats!
Nov. 19th, 2008 11:46 pm (UTC)
What a sweet-sounding book! Welcome to the Tenners, I love revising too.
May. 27th, 2009 05:16 pm (UTC)
This book sounds so fun! I hope Polly gets matched with someone too. :-) And I LOVED Anne of Green Gables as a kid.

I echo the impressed sentiment of writing with 4 kids! I have one and it's SO hard!
And a final note--about the cream cheese. Do you hold regular cream cheese in the same category as the whipped? Because regular cream cheese doesn't do it for me, but whipped is the BEST.
May. 30th, 2009 09:58 am (UTC)
I'm late here but I just saw your book on goodreads in the 10ers list and I was SO thrilled -- it's like you wrote my perfect book! Anne of Green Gables AND Elizabeth Bennet AND a bakery AND a seaside town! I can't wait to read it.
May. 30th, 2009 01:23 pm (UTC)
Thanks so much Deva!! That made my day! And by the way...love your avatar! ;)
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