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Moderator Contact Info

If you are interested in joining the tenners or have any questions, please contact one of our fearless moderators:

Heidi R. Kling
Email: heidi(at)seaheidi(dot)com

Note from Heidi: If you are an MG and YA 2010 author debuting with a major publishing house and wish to add the Tenners community, please email Heidi at heidi @ with your house name, release season and book title. When you've been accepted, please click Join This Community under our User-info link on the homepage and read all of the instructions in under the FOR MEMBERS ONLY link.

If you are a blogger, reviewer, reader, or simply a friend who would like to follow us, please click WATCH THIS COMMUNITY under our User-info link and you will have access to all of our public posts. Thank you for your interest in our Tenner community!

Lindsey Leavitt
Email: lindseyleavitt(at)yahoo(dot)com

If you have any questions regarding techie stuff (Changes/requests to your Bios&Books listing, site maintenance, etc), please leave a comment for our resident techhead:

Tara Kelly
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