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Bio: Dawn Metcalf

Hi! Newest Tenner, here. So, yeah, me:

Name: Dawn Metcalf

'10 Book Title: SKIN & BONES

Publisher: Dutton Books

Favorite Bit of Writing Advice: Write. Right. Now.

Favorite and Least Favorite Part of Writing:

Favorite: Being “in it” -- me in my element – the hours fly by and I can finally breathe!

Least Favorite: My Muse. She lovingly smacks me upside the head with epiphanies that must be written down RIGHT NOW or they will be gone in a sneeze. She delights in doing this when it can create maximum havoc like when I’m driving, in the shower, or attempting to sleep. Other times she is recalcitrant and no amount of love or chocolate will prod her to speak. I have a love/hate relationship with this part of my brain.

Outline or Let it fly? Oddly enough, most stories come to me fully-formed so I can write as I go or outline them as I see it; fortunately, they are never quite complete so I always have surprises, usually due to character whim! Ergo: Let fly!

5 Things About Me:

1. I am a fringe geek. I can pass for normal, but I’ve got the vibe.
2. I loathe hiccoughs with a passion.
3. I have no good excuse for the way I write. I had a normal, happy childhood, good friends, good family, studied hard, went to college, lived abroad, went to graduate school, got married to my loving husband, and had two beautiful children. Obviously, I’m warped from birth.
4. I am a black belt in Shaolin Kempo Karate.
5. I always wanted to work for Jim Henson, either designing puppets or being a miniaturist... Oh, heck, let’s be honest: I just wanted to be a Muppet!

SKIN & BONES Synopsis:

When sixteen-year old Consuela Bones discovers she can remove her skin, revealing a lustrous mother-of-pearl skeleton, she slips into a parallel world known as the Flow; a place inhabited by archetypical teens with extraordinary abilities. Crafting skins out of anything – air, water, feathers, fire – she is compelled to save ordinary people from dying before their time. Yet now someone is murdering them, one by one, and Consuela finds herself the focus of an intricate plot to end the Flow forever when all she really wants is to get back home, alive.
Tags: bio, dawn metcalf, skin and bones

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