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I asked my fellow YA and MG writers whose debut novels appeared in 2010 to answer a few questions about their publishing and writing lives today, three years after our books came out.  Of the original 72 writers who were eligible to reply (they were in The Tenners), 23 responded anonymously between May 20 and June 14, 2013, and all of the respondents reported themselves as actively writing still.  In case you’d like a hint to remember some of the new names from 2010, our year included Julie Kagawa (The Iron King), Leah Cypess (Mistwood), Kiersten White (Paranormalcy), Stephanie Perkins (Anna and the French Kiss), Jennifer Hubbard (The Secret Year), Teri Hall (The Line), and Becca Fitzpatrick (Hush, Hush).
While this survey admittedly captures a small sample and is not scientific, the results are still interesting.  For instance, the results suggest that the turnover of a writer’s editors is more common than the turnover of her agents, and that many of these writers are satisfied with their writing lives.  If you’ve ever thought that a writer doesn’t have to have a bestseller or earn a living writing to be satisfied with her writing, this small sample supports that theory.
My heartfelt thanks to the writers who completed my survey.  I appreciate their honesty and admire their tenacity.
If you'd care to comment, please do so at my website:

1. Are you actively writing now (10+ hours per week)?
Yes: 23 (100%)
No: 0

2. Since your debut came out, how many more of your books have been released (not including the debut or any indie-pubbed books)?
Zero: 6 (26%)
1 or 2:  14 (61%)
3 or more: 3 (13%)

3. Do you currently have a contract for your next book?
Yes: 13 (57%)
No:10 (43%)

4. Are you still working with the same editor you had in 2010?
Yes: 5  (22%)
No: 18  (78%)

5. If you had an agent in 2010, are you still working with the same one?
Yes: 16 (69%)
No: 5 (22%)
Had no agent: 2  (9%)

6. Do you now earn a living by your writing?
Yes: 8 (35%)
No: 15  (65%)

7. Have you had a NYT bestseller?
Yes: 2 (9%)
No: 21 (91%)

8. Have you indie-published since 2010?
Yes: 2  (9%)
No: 21 (91%)

9. Are you satisfied with your publishing life?
Yes: 14 (64%)
No: 8 (36%)
Skipped: 1

10. Are you satisfied with your writing life?
Yes: 21 (91%)
No: 2 (9%)


New Agent

Hey all,

I'm happy to announce that I'm now being repped by the awesome Michele Rubin at Writers House. :)

Matthew Kirby: Editor's Dream

From Publishers Weekly, Re Middle Grade Buzz Panel at BEA:

Lisa A. Sandell, executive editor at Scholastic Press,  spoke first about Icefall, describing Matthew Kirby as “an editor’s dream,” and explaining how she fell for the “uncommonly complex characters” and detail-rich setting of his first book, The Clockwork Three. Sandell said she was “totally giddy” when she received the manuscript for Icefall, which she described as the story of a Viking princess’s “journey to find herself and her place in the world.”

BN Bookfair code for AL disaster relief

 As part of my book signing on Saturday, the manager at BN set up a bookfair for AL diaster relief and the code can be used at ANY Barnes & Noble or online on any purchase from 5/7-5/14. Code is  #10486058 --just give it to seller, or input online.  10% of sales using this code go to the United Way's West Alabama chapter to help Tornado Relief Efforts. If we raise $2500, percentage goes up to 15%, 10,000 and it's 20%. Please repost this on your blogs, twitter, facebook, whatevs. If you're buying a book this week at BN anyway, use this code. 
As an original Tenner, I've watched a lot of incredible people turn out incredible books and couldn't wait to finally share some news of my own...and it's finally here!


This amazing 3D-animated book trailer was created by talented artists Jesse Cabrera, Michael Jaso, Alicia Samela & Ali Phelps under the direction of Jason Wiser. I am thrilled to share it with you & invite YOU to share it with everyone else!

To celebrate & spread the word, I'm running a "Pay It Forward ARC Giveaway Contest" on my blog from now through May 7th, so please come, check it out & thanks to everyone in the Tenners for being such an unbelievable support while I was (im)patiently Ms. Wait Waiting McWaiting!

I *finally* feel like a Tenner (and Elevensie)! WOO!
The Committee reviews over 6000 titles each year for accuracy and literary quality and considers their emotional impact on children. It chooses the best 600 books, both fiction and nonfiction, which it lists with annotations, according to age and category... CONGRATULATIONS, TENNERS!

ALL UNQUIET THINGS, by Anna Jarzab (Coming of Age, ages 14 & up)
ESCAPING THE TIGER, by Laura Manivong (Coming of Age, ages 9-12)
HARMONIC FEEDBACK, by Tara Kelly (Today, ages 12-14)
LEAVING GEE'S BEND, by Irene Latham (Historical Fiction, ages 9-12)
THE MARK, by Jen Nadol (Coming of Age, ages 14 & up)
PALACE BEAUTIFUL, by Sarah Deford Williams (Historical Fiction, ages 9-12)
THE RED UMBRELLA, by Christina Diaz Gonzalez (Historical Fiction, ages 9-12)
SHOOTING KABUL, by N.H. Senzai (Today, ages 9-12)
THREE RIVERS RISING (Historical Fiction, ages 9-12)
TORTILLA SUN, by Jennifer Cervantes (Today, ages 9-12)

To see the entire list, click here: http://www.bankstreet.edu/bookcom/

JUST ADD MAGIC - Book Club Promotion

 JUST ADD MAGIC – Just the Book for your Book Club!


JUST ADD MAGIC by Cindy Callaghan is a fun new book for middle-grade readers and a great choice for your book club. A magical story packed with fabulous food, unusual ingredients, and a great cast of characters, JUST ADD MAGIC is the perfect blend of mystery, magic and fun that is sure to please ‘tweens of all different reading levels. 

The author has just announced a special promotion: A Club Kit. If your club chooses JUST ADD MAGIC for its selection, you may win a special kit including:

  • An assortment of recipe cards
  • Book marks
  • Wooden spoons
  • Surprise cooking utensil
  • Discussion Guide
  • Book Club Meeting Activity Ideas
  • Letter and brochure for your teacher/librarian

 And guess what else? The author may Skype live into your meeting. 

 All the 411 you need to enter to get the Club Kit: 

1.     You need to have at least 4 members in your book club and an adult moderator.

2.     Send an email to Cindy (cindy@cindycallaghan.com) explaining in no more than 3 sentences why your book club wants to read JUST ADD MAGIC

3.    Hurry! Because this promotion ends June 30, 2011 


That’s it! If Cindy picks your group, she will send you the above goodies! 

If you win, be prepared to take a picture of your book club with each member holding a copy of JUST ADD MAGIC for Cindy to post on her web site.

 Visit www.cindycallaghan.com that features Cindy’s blog, recipes, a discussion guide, details about upcoming appearances, her bio, and more!

JUST ADD MAGIC (Aladdin M!x, Simon and Schuster Children’s Publishing Division; $5.99)

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